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Authors After Dark Preparation

Yes, I’m still alive!  I promise! and very excited about the forthcoming Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans.  First, I’ve never made it to this conference and as I can only make one  a  year, I’m really looking forward to the excitement, and meeting all the readers and other authors out there!  I’ll be easy to spot!  I’m going to be the short chubby lady dressed as a shapeshifter!  I’m sure you’ll recognize me the moment you see me.  After all, whoever saw a shapeshifter who wears glasses?  But I’m a “Special” kind of shifter, so figured I’d go for it anyway. :D

Seconds, I’m giving away a goody basket.  Okay, really it’s a goody bag – with the baskets being given away so close to everyone’s departure flights, I decided to be nice to my winner by instead making it a bag!  A special bag made just for the person who wins!  It’s from premier bag makers, with lots of pockets and will be great to take to book club meetings, right along with your own e-reader (Kindle touch). In fact, the only detractor from giving out a bag, is nobody can see what’s inside, so here’s a photo of all the goodies (minus some of the chocolates).


Isn’t the Lion cute??? He’s filled with candy, btw.  The red pot you see in the back?  It’s a chocolate fondue warmer, and the packets of chocolate in front are what goes inside. :D   The tiger photo is from my local zoo, and proceeds went to support that very tiger.  She’s one of the new ones at the zoo, and is struggling to find her place with a lioness and another tiger, Spartacus, who is bigger and older than she.  They seem to be getting along well these days.

There’s lots of Romance Trading cards too, which I have collected over the last year or so.  I think you’ll enjoy them.  With them is a collector’s box to help you organize your RTC’s.  And it wouldn’t be a shifter’s basket without a shifter, right?  Included is a size XL t-shirt with your very own wolf!  She’s popping right out of ya!  It’s an awesome T-shirt.

And of course, with your kindle touch is a book light, and screen protector, all of my backlist, and 10 other etitles.  Sorry, there’s no case, but that’s because I believe that’s almost as personal as the books you put on it. :)  Mine is bright red.  What color do you want YOURS to be?  I bet once you get looking around, you’ll find the perfect one just for you.  Overall the “Basket” including the bag is worth over $330.  I hope the winner enjoys every bit of it!

New Orleans – HERE WE COME!!!


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There are two things about me that send professionals into a tizzy….

The bad part is it’s not all for good reasons.  The first, is my hair.  It doesn’t happen so much anymore, but when I was younger, if I went to a new beautician who liked to be “Original”, I’d have to spend my first half hour there either agreeing to, or fighting against a new style with loads of layers.  Why?  Because my hair is THICK.  And when I say thick, I mean THICK.  But it’s also baby fine.  (Ok, it was till it turned all grey).  Beauticians couldn’t wait to get their fingers in it, their combs, their scissors.  I’m not much of a “Hair” person – I’m so uncoordinated with curlers, hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers, you wouldn’t believe it.  Yet I could always see the mysterious grin of pleasure these people had when they got to work with my hair.  I’m afraid that pleasurable “tizzy” has gone by the wayside, replaced by the more harsh and slightly thinner gray hair, but as my beautician agrees: “It’s not like I’m actually lacking for hair, I’m just like normal people now.”  A shame.  I hate being normal. LOL

But the second one isn’t quite as pleasurable, but I’ve learned to get a kick out of it anyway.  It’s my eyes.  You see, I’m severely nearsighted.  No, I’m not a little nearsighted like your brother or your granny.  I’m SEVERELY nearsighted.  I had the weirdest experience back in April, where a man came up to me at the restaurant where we were having dinner and said “Oh look, your eyes are as bad as mine.  May I ask your prescription?”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he said “OMG, yours are even worse than mine!  You’re the first person with eyes worse than mine that I’ve ever met.”

‘Tis true, my friends, I’m blind. If anyone has ever read Lynsay Sand’s Love is Blind, I can say she was about 98% correct in how that works.  Feel free to read it.  I laughed until I cried with that book.  For me, it was as if she’d written my life.  Well, except I’ve never thought a man’s leg was a table, because they always wore dark colored pants and the table cloth was white, but I can see the point. LOL.  (one thing a nearsighted patient can always see is COLOR).

So today I went to a new eye doctor.  The tizzy didn’t start right away.  He hadn’t looked at the paperwork yet, and I had no glasses on, and I commented how it was nice to meet him, and hoped I’d see him shortly.  He thought that was funny.  Then he looked at the paperwork.  ”Uhm, I’ll be right back.  I want to look at your glasses first.”  I don’t think he believed the readings they’d received from the automatic prescription thingie they use.  He came back, my glasses in his hands, and says “You were right about not being able to see me!”

Then his panic set in. I could hear his brain turning.  ”What if I miss something like a detached retina?  Omg, this poor woman.”  So he starts saying things like “You need to start seeing a retinal specialist once per year….” and so forth.  Inside I was laughing.  I didn’t know if he’d actually follow through.  I’d heard this almost every time a new doctor peeks into my peepers.

So we got the prescription for the glasses then he put the dreaded drops in my eyes.  (If there are typos here, it’s cuz I still am dilated to no end, and can’t see hardly a thing).  He sent me out to choose my new glasses.  About 20 minutes later I was back in the chair with the magnified lights beaming into my eyes.  The most UNFUN part of an exam, and for those who’ve never had your eyes dilated, consider yourself blessed.  I could sense his body relaxing.  His fear that he was going to miss something diminished.  See, I have no physical signs indicating a possible impending detached retina.  Never have.  I have other signs that mean my eyes are suffering from their nearsightedness, and it could lead to that, but nothing showing we were in danger right now.  His relief was palpable.  His tizzy melted away into a more common level of diagnostic concern.  I smiled and nodded, when he said “make sure you come in if you see any flashing lights or any changes in your vision.”  Yes sir!  Of course, I’ve been hearing that same thing since I was about 20, but that’s okay.  I appreciate his concern and thoroughness.

It’s a shame, really, that the only thing that now leads my professional care takers into a tizzy is my nearsightedness.  Ahh well.  Guess I’ll just have to send people into a tizzy with my writing.  Whatcha think?  Any tizzies lately?

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Canine Behavior – Aggression, the Fear

It’s funny, because those who are not “canine knowledgeable” tend to slap all canine aggression into one tidy box.  “That dog bites”.  Does it?  Years ago I was working at a veterinarian clinic volunteer.  For my first task, I was asked to put ointment in a dog’s ears.  The dog – a german shepherd who was obviously submissive and fearful, accepted me into her kennel, and up until that point had accepted my touch. I Hadn’t quite gotten the ointment to her ears, but dang, infected ears hurt, so I understood the sudden jerks away.  She was a sweet little GSD afraid of pain. I get that.  Don’t you?

Then another worker walked by and stopped, shock in her eyes.  “That dog bites!  Get out of there.”

Wait a second.  I’m seated on the floor, the dog standing beside me, my hand on her back.  Really?  Of course the instant I heard the words, I was suddenly afraid.  Until you’ve been bitten by a dog, the fear always remains and at this time I was “biteless”.  I moved with extreme care and left the cage, but I noticed at the same time a sudden change in the dog.  She was suddenly more skittish, more fearful.  Why?  Because I was skittish and fearful.  She was feeding off of my fear.

Fear aggression is one of the most dangerous of all aggression among dogs.  It’s pretty easy to identify, if you know what you’re looking for.  The dog crouches.  the dart toward you and back, their ears are back instead of forward, the tail is not only town, but slightly tucked inward.  Maybe ALOT tucked inward, depending on the fear level of the dog.  They make alot of noise!

They’re shouting at you to Go away! You’re scaring me” with every fiber of their being.

I got bitten about two years ago for the first time, in just such a scenario.  It was my own fault really. I’d been asked, in an emergency situation to watch someone’s dog, and didn’t realize until later that I didn’t remember the dog’s name.  We’d only met once before.  I walked into the house – the owner had left all lights out, and I couldn’t find the switch.  All the while this poor dog is terrified, barking and growling. I can’t see her (she’s black) and knew the only way to end this was find a light.  I turned my back, feeling for the switch as carefully as I could, and of course that’s when she struck.

Being the smart lady I am, I did not jerk away.  I didn’t move at all.  Therefore all I ended up with was a horrendous bruise covering my entire calf.  There was no blood, no nothing.  I got the light on, yelled at her to get in the kennel with my meanest alpha voice.  We stood there for a few minutes, both of us trying to decide what to do next.  The poor thing needed to go outside and she needed food.  So, I gave in to my first instinct.

“Wanna go outside?” in my happiest doggy voice.  In an instant she was out, wagging her tail and happy again.  Me, I was rather in pain.  We didn’t have any more instances like that, thank heaven!

So far, I haven’t added fear aggression to any of my characters, but it’s definitely something to consider. The hero’s sister is lost, and everywhere she turns there is only deeper forest.  She moves toward water.  A river.  Look, there’s a waterfall.  Relief.  As she’s taking a sip a man approaches.  Not just any man.  The villain.  He snarls at her, even in human form he knows what she is.  A shifter.  She looks left, and right.  There’s no where to go.  Just water the water fall behind, and the only way out is straight ahead.  Through him.  Evil permeates from him, and she knows she will die if he touches her.  What does she do?   Well, I shall leave that there for you. :)  Feel free to finish it, based off what you’ve learned so far.  What WOULD she do?

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Canine Behavior – Aggression, The Lesson

Hey guys!  Welcome back to my series on Canine Behavior.  Like I mentioned before, a lot of people comment on the amount of true canine behavior I use in my stories.  That’s because years ago, I learned something very important.  Dogs are really not much more than a domesticated wolf.  True, we’ve played with their bodies, and their hearts and minds, in order to mold them into the image we want.  No wolf was ever the size of a yorkie, and no yorkie will ever be the size of a wolf.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t share the most important  thing that keeps them together.  Their soul.  Basic Canine behavior is the same for both, just in differing intensity.

For example, wolves are often described as shy.  They are not.  They are just naturally wary of humans.  Wariness and shyness are not the same.  Dogs have predominately lost this trait.  It’s something we bred out of them.  And yet, now and again, you’ll see that same wariness show up in this breed or that.  Frequently the older breeds, described as “reserved” hold this trait.  Like the Akbash.  Beautiful dogs who are wary of any human not in their family.  So for the rest of this week and next we’ll talk about the one thing that stays with all of them…. with variances only in intensity, and that is Canine Aggression.

And today’s Lesson is….. you guessed it, The Lesson.

Of all the examples of canine aggression this is one of the most terrifying to watch.  It usually consists of one adult teaching a youngster a lesson.  It consists of terrifying growls and snarls, the frightening flashing of long, white fangs.  The youngster tends to cower, and if under about 8 months or so, typically they drop to their back.  If older, they drop and cower on their bellies.  Many trainers will tell you they must expose their bellies.  This isn’t true.  Yes, the most submissive in the dog world will, but the average dog merely drops to his belly and lays his head flat on the ground to the side, twisting their neck to offer a target.  Their eyes typically are tightly held close.  It’s much easier to give in if you don’t see those horrid teeth coming your way, isn’t it?

For a human watching, it’s one of the most shocking of scenes.  I remember the first time we brought our now 14 yr old dog home.  He charged straight to my female lab and bounced off her in pure joy.  She flattened him. With lips drawn back, her mouth open wide, exposing every tooth and fang in all it’s beauty.  Her voice was loud, aggressive, and downright terrifying as she snarled, barked and growled.  She slammed her head back and forth against him, laying those teeth ever so close to that sweet puppy throat.

Blackjack dropped like a rock, cowering beneath those beautiful and yet frightful teeth.  And yet…..

those teeth never once touched that pup.  Not once.  Oh yes, her head slammed against him, telling him she could rip him apart should he want to, just,,,, she didn’t want to.

She used only the amount of force necessary to teach this wild young pup a lesson.  “I’m boss.  You’re not.  I’ll eat you alive if I have to.”

For the rest of his life, Blackjack respected Lisa the way a child respects his mother.  She raised him as if he were her own, and was willing to protect him with her life, if need be.  And yet their first meeting, to the human eye looked as though she was about to destroy that sweet, brown eyed boy.  What to us looked like pure death in those eyes was the start of the most beautiful relationship I’d ever seen among dogs.

In my writing, when an Alpha is fighting a member of his pack, he uses the exact amount of force necessary.  He threatens, he growls, he attacks.  But he rarely injures.  For, unless the one receiving the lesson is truly challenging his authority, there is no need. For all he’s saying is “I’m boss, you’re not.  I’ll eat you alive if I have to.”




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Canine Behavior – Let’s have some fun!

Ok, so I’ve been a very bad girl, and I apologize.  I haven’t blogged for a month – and I”m not sure how that happened.  I think of things to blog about.  I do!  But the next thing I know it’s a week later and it still hasn’t been written.  Well phooey.  It’s probably because I lead such a dull life it’s hard to get excited over basic  blogs about my life and living.  But last nite I realized there’s something in my writing that everyone has commented about, so maybe I should talk about that – Canine behavior!  So I’m staring a little series about canine behavior, how I learned it, examples, and other fun stuff.  Alot of the scenarios I show here have been rewritten into more aggressive and exciting paranormal shifter scenes, so that should be fun for my regular readers.  Others like today’s, is just a simple observation of canine behavior which flies in the face of the supposed “Science” of canine behavior, and makes me laugh.

See, scientists believe that canines are pure creatures of instinct.  They don’t love.  They don’t enjoy life so much as they live it.  They exist only to continue their species.  I’m here to tell you – they are wrong.  Today’s little story will show you that.  Feel free to tell me if this behavior is a conditioned behavior (ie., we taught the dog to do it thru repetition and praise or positive response), an instinctive behavior (ie, the continuation of their species behavior) or something else – like an active feeling and intelligent brain.

So, last nite I was lying in bed next to my youngest dog (young is a matter of perspective here, as this dog is 9 years old.  He’s just younger than the almost 15 yr old). He’s snuggling with me, but is too far for me to do the ultimate sin, which is plant a kiss on the bridge of his nose (muzzle for you canine gurus).  So, I did what any good dog lover would do, I pretended to kiss him, loudly smacking my blown kiss so he’d notice it.  I did it three times.

He blew a kiss back.

No, really, he did.  His little tongue poked out and he gave an imaginary kiss!  How long he’s been doing this is beyond me, cuz I’m sure I’ve always took it to be coincidental, he licked his lips.  But no, I did this three more times.  He did it again.  I went downstairs and showed hubby, and every time I blew a noisy kiss, I got the same response.  A sweet, delicate, imaginary kiss from Ace.

I don’t what you think, but I can honestly say I have NEVER praised him for this behavior until last nite.  By the 100% response he gives, I seriously doubt it’s something he just started last nite.  His smile is not even 100% and I’ve been working on that for years with no change.  He still only smiles upon greeting, though because I like it, he tends to do that more, but I can’t initiate it like I do the blown kisses.

So what do you think? Conditioning?  Instinct?  Or Cognitive function here?

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My 2nd favorite performance of American Idol from this past week. Makes me cry

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Movie Review – Hunger Games

This week the movie Hunger Games released to rave reviews.  All reports were filled with the glow of pure joy about the release of this amazing story.  Let me first say, I have not read the book.    The associated Press’ Christy Lemire said “Rare film that never drags and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.”  Awesome!  I couldn’t wait to see it!

So I dragged hubby to a movie he felt had a poor premise.  I reminded him it was a YA book originally, so the premise would seem odd to us, but from what I hear, the author pulls the concept off.  Okay, we finally get there (long story, but we were supposed to be there for the 3:45 only to be delayed at our end, Then rushed to make the 4:45, only to arrive just too late for me to feel comfortable missing the first 5 minutes, then arrived just in time for the 5:45 at another theater).  We plopped into our seats, only watching two previews before opening credits began.

An hour later, my husband was snoring, and I was still waiting for this “amazing” movie.  Surely it’s going to get better.  It has awesome reviews, right?  An hour later, I’m simply just waiting for it to end so we could leave.

Let me first say that the acting was pretty good.  The young Jennifer Lawrence almost made me like her – which considering how I felt about the movie as a whole, that was a damned hard task.  When the supposed most important death occurs in the movie, I thought for sure I’d sit and bawl (I had heard about this death via twitter). A large portion of the movie was spent on the event, (I’m trying not to tell the entire story here and give spoilers, which is why I rarely write reviews), and while I’m sure in the book it was great, I barely felt the sting of a tear by the time the entire set of scenes were complete.   I had absolutely no emotional connection with the characters.  Instead of wiping tears from my eyes as expected, I could only wonder how chilly it would be on the trip home.  I don’t think it was the acting so much as the actual screen play that caused this.

The first hour of the movie was apparently designed to teach us about this world, and it did so in painstakingly boring style. The costume design was over the top, and though it was designed to show the major class distinction, it instead came across as just plain silly.  I swear, if I ever wear clothes like the women in that city, just shoot me, please.  I get that it’s futuristic, but there’s futuristic, and there’s silly.

I thought perhaps when the “Training” part of the film began, things would improve.  I’m afraid not.  We see very little of the heroine’s training and skills.  We don’t see what she learned that would help her in the coming trial beyond how to make a fire.  (Speaking of fire, the fire scenes are all probably the best of the movie).    We see even less about the skills of the competitors in general.  These young men and women are little more than cardboard characters filling in the “blanks” to give us the full 24 needed for the Games.  While a few have important roles, we get zero insight into their skills, emotions, or thoughts and when justice is served, in each case I had zero emotional response.

We kept hearing about sponsors saving the lives by providing “Gifts” for the competitors.  Okay.  They made this BIG deal about how it was important for our heroine to be “liked” by said sponsors, yet we don’t see others competing for these sponsors, so it leaves us wondering why that was so important.  Who has the best sponsor?  What did they receive for their trouble?  We never know.  For something that drives the entire first half of the movie, it certainly was handled in an almost anti-climactic style.

I kept waiting for there to be character arc.  I kept waiting for there to be something “Change” in society.  I kept looking for this supposed “Message” the book has.  I never saw it.  Instead, I saw what is probably nothing more than foreshadowing for the next movie.  The problem is, you have to enjoy the first one to want to see the second.  I was never so happy to see a movie end.

Scores on a sale of 1-5, 5 being the highest.

Visual Effects – 5

Cinematography – 3 (I hate this new artsy style of filming where the camera moves too fast to capture the action).

Costume Design – 2

Performance- 4.0

Overall Enjoyment factor:  1.0 (My husband rated it a -1).

So go ahead – beat me up.  I apparently have a different idea of true entertainment than most do.  I suppose it’s because I’ve been a movie “Fan” for all of my life.  My husband and I go to the movies a minimum of 2 times per month, often as many as 8 if there are good films out.  I go to the movies to be entertained, rather than educated.   I’m not much more dramas at the theater, which is probably why I thought the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was terrible.  I watch mostly action movies, with the occasional comedy. Other movies are just “Rentals”.   In my opinion, this “amazing, Action packed” movie doesn’t even qualify as a rental.    Maybe, just maybe, The Wrath of the Titans will deliver where The Hunger Games has not.


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I’ve Been Tagged! Lucky 7 – #blogging #writers

So last week, while I was out of town (sneaky people that you are) I got tagged to participate in the Lucky 7!  And not once, but TWICE.  First was Candice Bundy and the second was TJMichaels, but oddly enough I can’t find that tag on TJ’s blog.  I saw her announcement fly by on facebook while I was rushing out to my cousin’s wedding!  (More on that to come later this week or next)   So does that mean I have to tag 14 people?  Wouldn’t that be scary? I think I’ll stick with 7, but I guess to prove I love all you folks, I’ll give you TWO excerpts from 2 different manuscripts.  Does that sound fair?  :borg:

The rules for this one are quite simple:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current ms.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
  4. Tag 7 other victims, …er, authors.


OK, So, since I get to share TWO manuscripts, I’m going to start with the one that published on the 27th, since, well, it was technically still a manuscript when I was Tagged. :D

So, for my first one – from Lone Wolf, I went to page 77, copied 7 lines.  I promise, I didn’t fudge this at all!

Two men. Two voices. Krystal held her eyes closed, studying her situation. She was in a sitting position, her hands above and held at either side of her head. She could feel the hard edge of steel cuffs about her wrists. Cold, hard cement was beneath her. The room smelled of dank animal scents and straw. The urge to cover her nose was overwhelming, but she didn’t want to let the bastards know she was awake.

“Good. The tiger experiment failed. This one will work.”

Can you GET a more intriguing 7 lines by pure luck?

The second one was harder, because my program doesn’t count the pages unless I set it up to print.  So, for the sake of this, I set it up to print. :)  Just for you guys.  The work?  It’s Cougar’s Fate, the 3rd in the Maxey Wizards series.  Again, talk about lucky on the 7th line of page 77!

Jared snarled when Conrad smirked at his pain and fury.  Jared dragged himself upright, wishing the bastard would step closer.  Just two feet nearer, so he could rip that damned electrical rod out of his hand. If he could get control of his magick, he could send a bout of his newly learned fire, burning the bastard’s clothes.  But with the obviously bespelled cuffs around his ankles and wrists, as well as the electricity still bouncing through the cells in his body, there was no way he could focus.

But he wasn’t above trying.  Jared reached for his magick, swallowing the pain and need to gasp for air.

Yes, that’s seven lines in my program.  Now maybe that’s why this is the lucky 7. I have some great lines on pages 77 and line 7. LOL.  Wooohoo!

Ok, now who to pick?  Letssseeeee.

  1.  Vivienne Westlake -Of whom I’m just terribly jealous of her beauty (and hair).
  2. Crista McHugh who is my husband’s FAVORITE author.  Yes, he said that.  Sad, isn’t it?  I’m not even his favorite!
  3. Alexia Reed – who had to tolerate me at a conference as I was dying from a cold (Yes, I always feel like a cold is killing me).  I’m such a whiner.
  4. Kristen Koster, of Impulsive Hearts -  I just LOVE her writing!!  You’ll have to check out all of her page to see it!
  5. Elise Logan or Emily Ryan Davis.  I’m putting them both here as one, because I know they share their blog and are always working on projects together.  You have to check out their books, folks!  Really!
  6. Jodi Henley – My roommate for two RWA conferences so far, and she hasn’t even killed me yet!  Is that awesome or what?  Course after this…. Ya never know.  But if you want to learn to write, Jodi is the gal for you! She’s got great ideas on the art of the craft!
  7. Stephanie Draven – last but definitely not least, the Rita Award Nominee, Stephanie Draven!  Course you may have to wait to see her post until she comes down from the clouds.  And also, let me offer my BIG TIME CONGRATS for her to be so honored!  Stephanie, we love you!  Sorry I can’t be there this year to see you win!

There you have it!  Now to catch these ladies’ attention and let them know they’ve been tagged!

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It’s a party! Release Party!

Hey folks!  It’s time!  Woohoo!  Lone Wolf is re-released now over on Amazon and soon will be other places!  So for today I’m going have a party!  If you can include a line from one of my other books – NOT a line from one of the excerpts – I’ll enter you in a new contest to win a copy of Lone Wolf!  You’re going to love this book if you haven’t read it.  It’s the 2nd in the Maxey Wizard series, and let me tell ya, Damon is AWESOME!!!  Hot, Sexy, and without a single memory before he was rescued from the GSA’s dungeon of cages!  Now he’s out on the streets, trying to figure out if he’s contagious, or if he’s always been this way!  Imagine his distress when he falls for a Wizard, the sister of Lance Maxey from Tigress by the Tail, and doesn’t know if he can accidentally turn her into a  shifter or not!  SCARY!

So let’s party and Enter your favorite line in the comments from any of my other books.  Now be careful – if someone else already has your line posted, you can’t re-enter it!  So dig out your kindles, your pdf readers and your Nooks and find that favorite line from any of my other books.  Don’t forget to tell us which book it’s from!  It’s your chance to win Lone Wolf. And if you read Lone Wolf before, feel free to go leave a review on Amazon.

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Today is a very special day

You know, I noticed recently I’ve been posting alot of “not exactly happy” posts.  It probably looks like I’m all depressed or something.  But really I’m not.  Actually I’ve just been ruminating over different things in life, and it brings up “Hmm that was kind of interesting”, but it sure looks like I’m not happy.  But today…. Today is very special.  You see, today is my 25th anniversary!  It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago I walked down the aisle to that handsome man at the other end of the Church.  I’d share a photo with you, but our wedding photos didn’t turn out very well.  Ok, let’s be honest.  They didn’t turn out at all.  For those of you who’ve always had digital cameras, there used to be this stuff called film.  And the film turned out to be defective and split down the middle during processing, meaning we have no pictures from our wedding.  I do have video, but we’ve never added it to cd, so I can’t share that either.  Alas, it was a beautiful, albeit small, wedding.

You see, we met in the Air Force, at a school.  We had to marry fast, or we’d have ended up assigned on opposite sides of the world.  So we married about 4 months after we met.  But we didn’t rush.  You see, the instant I laid eyes on him I knew he was the man for me.  We’ve stuck together through thick and thin, and he’s one of my biggest supporters in the writing side of the house.  We’ve lived in Nebraska, Germany and North Carolina since we married, and trust me, those are some pretty trying locations.  Okay, NC isn’t so bad, but Nebraska – he loved it, I hated it. LOL.  We’ve been through a war together (the 1st Persian Gulf war), we’ve been through deployments to places that are boring, and places that are exciting. I still say I got the best of that – since I got to go to Egypt, but hey, life is what we make it, right?

We are both older, both a little heavier, and both a little slower, but we’re still perfect for each other.  I’m pretty darned sure nobody else would put up with me.  :satansmoking:   We aren’t celebrating big today, because I have to work, but I’m making him his favorite dinner (Lasagna with garlic bread), and then we’re going to celebrate by visiting with a cousin for her wedding and do the real “sight seeing thing” later in the week.  Something we’ve not done at that particular place.  It should be very fun!

I told hubby the other day I didn’t think we’d both still be alive when we hit 25 years.  Now to see if we’ll be alive when we reach 25 more!

For those who look at their spouse and wonder how we did it, it’s easy.  Ok, it’s not easy.  But we understand that.  We remember that there’s a commitment there, and we respect that commitment in multiple ways.  But it also helps to love each other.  Really love and respect one another.  I could never be married to a man who #1, I didn’t respect, #2, didn’t make me laugh, and #3, didn’t love me.  3 ingredients make a relationship!  I respect him above all others, nobody makes me laugh half as much as he does, and I love him so much I’m sure I couldn’t be without him.

So, my darling husband, I love you!  Let’s go for another 25!

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