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It’s a Birthday Bash!!!

Happy Birthday to me Teresa, Happy Birthday to me Teresa, Happy Birthday dear meeeee Teresaaaaa, Happy Birthday to me Teresa!

Oh yes, strategically placed candles ALWAYS make my day.  Woohoo! (Any orange comments belong to Teresa)


Hi everyone!  

My name is JoJos from JoJosBookCorner. And Today Teresa and I are celebrating our Birthdays together!!! How kewl is that! We have the same Birthday! *throws Confetti* So for our Birthdays we have decided to swap blogs for the day.

And to Start off we are going to share our book boyfriends! *evil grin* cause you know we cannot get enough eye candy! So for mine I would like to introduce you to my fav book boyfriend. And he Rhevenge from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Is he not delicious! What you ask is so important about Rhevenge? Wellllll first of all he is HAWT *wipes drool* I mean seriously….look at this yummie! He’s a Vampire….A Plus in my book anyday! And he’s part Sympath. Mind control……Oh the things he can make you do with that! *evil Grin

Now heres a couple more yummie pics of my man candy!

What type of romance do you prefer to read?

Anything Romance! Paranormal romance, Erotica, M/M, M/F/M, and ANYTHING Highlanders!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jodie, but every calls me JoJo. I have been happily married for 5 years now (as of June 11th). I am a full time Welder/Fabricator. My husband and I live on a 24 acre farm. We have 5 dogs, 5 cows, and 1 horse. A 4 1/2 acre lake,and a 1 acre breeding pond. I am a deer hunter, and one day i hope to be a famous metal art artist! Oh…and i collect frogs!

Ok, what IS it about frogs?  I mean, come on!  LOL.  I got other friends who collect frogs.  But give her a real one and she squeals like a girl.  Ok, she IS a girl, but still.




Fav color - Green Mine too!  This gets wierder by the moment.

Fav Scent – Vanilla (all different mixes of it!)

Fav Flavor – Coffee, and creamer….together in my mug!

Fav movies – Labryinth, The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn

What are you reading at the moment? Lover Mine of course!  ** You are slow, girl!  I read that last weekend.**

Do you have any websites:

Of course!

Blog :

Twitter :

Group Blog I’m the Cornered Lover

Ok…..and Teresa asked me to share 1 deep…dark….secret about myself. *bites nails….takes a deep breath* Ok here we go!

I am a gay man, trapped in a womens body! *snickers*

**Now see, somehow I knew that.  I just knew it!**


Pizza or burger – Pizza

Dress or jeans – Jeans, dress….whats that?

Highlander or vampire Highlander …..a Highlander Vampire!

Fire or water - Fire

Up or down  – Up

Black &white or color – Black and White

Half full or half empty - Half full

Day or night - Night

Star trek or star wars Harry Potter :0)

Sword or gun – sword, long or short

Eyes or mouth – Eyes

Strawberry or cherry – Apple

Old or new – Old

High or low - Low

Shower or bath – Bath, if i ever find the time to sit and relax

Paperback or hardback - Paperback

Desktop or laptop – Laptop

Coke or pepsi – coffee Coffee COFFEE

Winter or summer – Summer…I like it HAWT!

Dog or cat – I lurve all 5 of my Doggies!!!

Movie theatre or movies at home – At home…pottie breaks, all the food i want, Pause button!

Thank you so much Teresa for letting me be part of your Birthday Also!!!!

You are so welcome, JoJo!  This has been SO much fun!  Don’t forget to pop over to JoJo’s blog, we’re gonna be doing a few giveways over there, so make sure you stop in and say hi! 

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An Early Birthday Present!

Hey Folks!  I had to share this.  It’s an early birthday present. :w00t:   Okay, I don’t think the artist new my birthday was this month.  So that makes this even more special.  The artist is Tricia Pickney Schmitt, and you can find her here on facebook.  And what is the gift?

I bring you:  Ryland!

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