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Leopard’s Key cover

By Teresa D’Amario
Freya’s Bower Publishing
ISBN:  Coming 1 Feb, 2011
No Trailer at this time.

Artist’s website:  Pickyme’s site

So rumor has it that I decided to volunteer my time for a good cause.  Yep, the rumor is right!  Freya’s Bower runs this awesome event every year.  Authors write short stories, and Freya’s Bower puts them in one large collection.  All proceeds go to a Women’s shelter.  A great cause, don’t you think?  Release for the Dreams & Desires Vol 4 is set for February 1, 2011.

For More about the cover artist, check out her website: Pickyme’s site

Well this year, Freya’s Bower decided to take this wonderful idea  a step further.  They’ll be not only putting the books out in print, and ebooks simultaneously, they will also be putting them out in individual “single titles” as well. Because of that we each get our own book cover.  The kewl thing is that since it’s for charity, I contacted a good friend of mine and asked her to do the cover, for free.  Because it was for charity, she said yes.  So, using artwork acquired from cover model Jimmy Thomas, she created this awesome cover. 

But wait! Don’t get lost in that hot, sexy cover.  Hey, come back!  Eyes down!  Ahh there you are.  So let’s finish up the news and then you can do an eyes up, okay? 


There’s other great news.  The first three books in the Dreams & Desires series are still available!  So don’t forget, that money STILL gets donated to that same Women’s shelter, so make someone’s dreams come true, and get your copy today!

Dreams & Desires Volume 1

Dreams & Desires Volume 2

Dreams & Desires Volume 3

Okay ladies.  One.  Two.  Three.  Eyes UP!  :satansmoking:

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