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shapeshifter or vampire? You decide!

Today’ I’m guestposting at BookLover’s Inc where we’re trying to decide which is best: Shapeshifters or Vampires! Head on over and drop us a line!
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So what is happening on the front?

Hey folks. I know, I’ve been a bit quiet the last few months.  The “Day job” can sometimes be taxing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing!  Though I don’t seem to be awake and online at the same time as the rest of the world. I am meeting some awesome people from New Zealand and Austria of late, though. :) 

First off, if you haven’t gotten your copy, SheWolf is now available in print!  AND,  if you want a signed book plate, I can send it your way – but you have to email me that at  Should you, instead, wish a signed copy of SheWolf itself, let me know, because that can be worked out too.  It’s a hot cover, let me tell you, and it looks mighty fine on my bookshelf!

So tell me, do you notice the eyes or the couple the most?  For me, it’s her eyes.  Those bright, half shifted eyes.  I think the cover artist did a specatcular job, don’t you?

Just so you know, I have finished Blood Moon Betrayed, the third book in the True Mate’s series, and it’s off to the publisher.  I’m really nervous about it, because the hero is so different from both Kieran and Ryland.  But then, that’s what makes variety, right?  Everyone has the hero of their dreams. ::angel: 

But before that comes out, (As of yet there’s no release date), you get to see Leopard’s Key – available  on 1 February!   This short story is part of the Freya’s Bower Dreams and Desires anthology.  The following is from the official announcement by Freya’s Bower:

The anthology will be released in electronic and paperback editions and will be available for purchase at Freya’s Bower, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand, Fictionwise, Apple iTunes store, Mobipocket, and OmniLit. The stories will also be sold individually as well in eBook format. Copies are available for presale at Freya’s Bower.

“This is about helping women, and their children, recover from the psychological and emotional trauma of domestic violence and educating the public about signs of an abuser,” stated Marci Baun, publisher of Freya’s Bower. “Ninety-five percent of the victims of domestic abuse are women. Almost everyone knows someone who has been abused. If we can help one person break the cycle through this charity anthology, we are moving in the right direction.”

All stories, editing, and cover art were donated to make this anthology possible.

The authors of this anthology are (in alphabetical order of last name): Adrianne Brennan, Zetta Brown, Teresa, D’Amario, Natalie Dae, Moriah Jovan, Helen E. H. Madden, Sarah Masters, Jaime Samms, and LaVerne Thompson.

So make sure to mark your calendars.  First, today order SheWolf in print or ebook, and then on 1 February, get Leopard’s Key, or any of the others listed on the side of my own Leopard’s Key page.  But if you are really interested in helping out, make sure to buy the full awesome collection of Dreams & Desires, Volume 4!  I Can’t wait to see my print copy of the entire anthology!

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I just had a thought (scary, I know).

When the VCR and Microwaves came out, I skoffed.  Nobody wants one of those.


Okay, so maybe my parents got the Beta Max version.  At least they had more vision than I did.

When the personal computer came out I thought “only students need those.”

Another Ooopsie!

When Ereaders came out, EVERYONE (and yes, I use this term loosely)  said “nobody will want one of those. (Everyone but me)

Can you say BIG oopsie?

It seems to me, ereaders and tablets including ereader software are now THE device to have.  Just like the VCR or the Microwave once was.

I’m a member of a dog board.  Okay, it started out as a dog conversational board and over the years has become something “other” than that, including great family conversation.  It’s a wonderful place for me to visit where there are no arguments, and I can feel at home. Kind of like some of the places I visit in the writing community, only I’ve been on this dog board alot longer.  So anyway, since Christmas, the dog board has been filled with discussions of ereaders and who has one, where they can get their books, which one do you like the best, that kind of thing.  Today, someone posted a link to an “off brand” ereader at a very cheap price, and it made me realize, ereaders have blended my two worlds.  My dogs, and my reading/writing world.  Wow.  How did that happen?  It happened because the ereader is no longer the “red headed step-child” of the digital world.  It’s common place.  It’s no longer for the “Geeks” or “heavy readers”.  It’s now for anyone who wants to make their fonts larger, or who likes the idea of having several books with them at any given time.  For people who have to run to the doc and need to read while in the waiting room.  You know, that hurry up and wait moment.  It’s also for those who just plain don’t have anymore freakin’ SPACE left for all the books they have.  I can’t tell you how many books I’ve had to get rid of over the years being military.  I could probably have started my own book store had I kept them all.

I remember, at one time, having an entire shelf running across a very large kitchen (2 shelves actually) filled with just one series!  Yes. Okay. It was Star trek.  Tell me you haven’t read the Star Trek series!  Come on, own up to it.  You know you have read at least one from ONE of the many series they have.

There’s someone running around the internet saying that ereaders mean the end of civilization.  Really? I’d think it meant it was a step into the future, but hey, what do I know?  Other than the fact I read a print book for the first time in ages and thought I was gonna get a migraine from eye strain.  Ereaders offer people so many PLUSES to read, it means that ppl will eventually adapt away from print books. It doesn’t mean print books will go away (I still prefer them for reference books), just that most fiction will probably migrate to primarily eformat in the next several years.  Not all – but most.  And in 20-30 years, I see print books being very rare.  Just like Beta Max tapes are very rare today – you know, with that dvd player nobody would want (hey, I didn’t oopsie that one. I knew they would be a hit).

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think anyone is gonna step in and steal all your hard earned paperbacks.  Nope.  Not going to happen.  In fact, SheWolf is out in print, so make sure you get yours today.  But.  I think, print books will go back to what they were hundreds of years ago.  A statement.  Of either money, or prestige.

I have lots of money – so have a huge library.   Okay.  That’s great.  And yes, a  well groomed library looks AWESOME!  It makes you look educated and smart.  It makes you look RICH.  And sometimes, you’ll find yourself running your hands over the spines of those books.  They mean something to you.  Maybe even more than the money you paid for them.  Some you will read.  Others you’ll never crack the cover open far enough to see the words near the binding.  Usually these books will come in sets.  I’ve got a few of these. I have one set called “The Great War”.  Betcha know when that was published?  And I actually still have a real set of encyclopedias.  Not the digital kind.  Though I think they are pretty useless now.

Prestige – this will be with autographed copies more than anything, I think.  Cuz we all love our autographed copies of books. I have my own little library of “signed” books I keep, and nobody is going to change that.  But I have a feeling that more and more autographed copies will not be read. Instead, an ecopy will be downloaded and read, while the autographed one remains in pristine condition.  Awesome.

But that those books on the shelves don’t change the facts.  And the facts are, most books are read once, then discarded.  Some are kept as keepers and lovingly read over and over again until they literally fall apart.  The ereader supports both of those.  That’s the nice thing about them. I have had to replace one particular JR Ward book THREE times because it kept falling part.  Not like I read it alot or anything. LOL.  With the e-version, I simply store it in a  special folder on my ereader – titled KEEPERS.  Those are the ones I never want to let go of. I want to always have them on hand.  Then there’s the ones I read, and remove from the device when complete.  Not that they aren’t good – but I always know I can get them again should I need to.

So to all those naysayers who insist ereaders are the demise of civilization:


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