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I’m about to start a blog tour! Come follow me along!

I can’t wait!  Things are moving really fast at my end, from funerals, weddings, births, and lots of trips, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about writing or even about the next big release.  First off, You all know Blood Moon Betrayed is out, which is very exciting!  If you haven’t gotten your copy, get one now!!  Second, Lone Wolf will be re-releasing in December!  With a new cover, and new edits!  Take a look at this beautiful cover:

Now isn’t that a sexy, and yet mysterious cover?  I love their position, as he steps up behind her and she exposes her throat to look at him.  A truly trusting pose for a couple, especially when the one behind her is a wolf shifter.  Yet, instead of watching the pulse in her throat, he looks deep into her eyes!  Oh yes, I do love that.  For those who haven’t had the opportunity to read Lone Wolf, Watch out – ask for your Christmas present, because you KNOW you’re going to want to read this one.  Lance’s sister steps to the forefront, angry because her brothers are hiding things.  Hiding things that can get her killed!  On top of that, she’s run into a man who sends her hormones into overdrive, but he doesn’t even know who he is!

And, to celebrate the releases of both Blood Moon Betrayed and Lone Wolf, I’m going on a blog tour!  I’ve got some awesome places lined up, so keep watching and you’ll be able to come visit, and see some great things happening!  The holidays are on their way and nothing is more fun than celebrating with a little “ME” time, so get out your kindles, get out your nooks, heck get out your tablet, and join the fun with Blood Moon Betrayed and Lone Wolf both!

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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Hi folks! So I’ve been rather quiet lately but it’s not because I’ve been sleeping. Ok, so it isn’t because I’ve ONLY been sleeping. My schedule at my “evil day job” have blessedly changed and I now have Saturday’s off, which means there’s a lot more of a chance for me to get out and visit some fun places. Today’s visit was to a local zoo which turns out to be less than ten miles from us. I remembered a sign popping up for the Aloha Zoo,but had never wandered down the road to see what it was.  Last week I did so and was shocked by the number of animals and size of the facility, so this weekend I went while they were OPEN (leave it to me to find them when closed). First, let me introduce you to our first very special and rare animal we found.

Isn’t he a cutie pie? And one of the few animals you can touch and snuggle with.  This rare beast posed prettily for his photo time, pleased to be the center of attention.  After his modeling, he allowed me to touch and scratch his chin, showing not only his sweet personality, but the nobility of this great beast, allowing me to touch him.  Later when I came by again, he’d disappeared, showing his true shy nature.  But I shall always remember the chance to touch and scritch this adorable, and truly rare cat.  (LOL, OK, I just had to have a little fun, but he was such a sweet kitty cat).

The next guy is one of the largest in the park.  He’s listed as the nation’s largest spotted Draft Horse.  And what a sweetie he was.  He loved getting his own scritchies as well. To show you his size, here’s a photo of my husband giving him a bit of attention.  Feel free to click on that photo to see how truly huge this horse really is.  And here is another, showing that beautiful face.  My problem with today’s post is I want to share every single photo I took, and of course that isn’t all that smart in a simple blog post.  But I hope you enjoy what I share.  This particular horse is listed as being 21 hands tall.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  I believe this particular zoo started out as some kind of miniature horse farm, as there are a large number of miniature horses.  This big guy, however, stands out as something very different.

So of course we moved on to the carnivores as soon as we could.  Or should I say as soon as I could drag my husband over there.  My photos of the wolves didn’t come out very well, so hoping the next time to get a better shot.  I’m afraid my camera, in bright sunlight, makes it hard for me to see the screen, so I have absolutely no idea what a photo will look like until I get it home.  But they only have two wolves, one full grown, and one who looks like he’s about six months. They were very alert once the goats and such were released into the walkway to catch the animal’s attention.  Luckily there’s no way for the carnivores to get to the animals between them and us, but they were definitely alert to their presence.

Today was pretty good timing.  Our visit coincided with the merging of the tiger/lion cage with the tiger cage.  I should say – today was not the first day – but you could see that the “rules” had not quite been straightened out yet  . The zoo opened with only one tiger.  A white Bengal named Spartacus.  Spartacus came to the zoo as a young cub, and is very affectionate.  He also gave us an awesome display of stalking when he took issue with a specific man with a camera.  The man actually got a great shot of Spartacus charging toward him when he decided he’d had enough of getting his picture taken by the man.  They stalked one another for a good five minutes – and had there not been fences, there’s no doubt Spartacus would have won that “game” with the use of sharp claws and teeth.

His new “Ladies in waiting” are a young Tigress and a young Lioness.  The two are probably no more than six months of age each.  First, introducing the lovely Lioness.

I don’t know Sura’s history, but it’s obvious she has had a very difficult start in life.  Not only can you see damage done to her coat near her eye, but it appears she has had her tail broken at some point, as it has a sharp, unnatural bend to it.  This lovely lady is very laid back, and very affectionate – something you will see more of later.  Her area mate/sister is not quite so gentle, nor quite so laid back.  She’s very vocal, constantly chuffing and talking.  Upon our introduction she was attempting to play with the lioness, pouncing on her, and grabbing her ankles.  Miss Sura  totally ignored her “friend”.  Later the two decided to join our dear Spartacus and then the fireworks began.

The new tigress (I didn’t see her name anywhere) was determined to rule the zoo.  Only thing is, Spartacus isn’t quite happy about that.  At first she laid in the entry way – refusing to allow him to enter his own domain.  They laid for a few minutes, neither looking at the other, in that truly cat-like passive aggressive way.  At one point she moved into his domain and when he stepped inside, there was a little hissing spat.  One which she appeared to win.  Eventually she went to the water tank to drink, and Spartacus took his chance.  It appears he’s not so much into battle, unlike the young lady, so he blocked her in the corner, and refused to move.  For a good five minutes she would talk and start to move, then back off.  Then move forward, then back off.  Eventually she got smart and went into the “house” and came out the other door, but it took her a while to take the initiative.  I plan to return a few times over the next several months to see how their relationship pans out.  I’m wondering if Spartacus will remain the king of the domain with this spunky little lady at his side, or if she will rule supreme.

Oh, and before you think that Spartacus is very upset over his new mates, check this photo out.  He’s got not a care in the world.  He sure looks quite confident here.  And in addition, he is slowly making friends with the lioness as well.  They are very sweet together, though he did smack her when she pushed things just a little too far.

And here’s just a little Lion Love for the big Spartacus.  :)  She’s already decided who she thinks is in charge, and she has not a single argument about it.  Here she is rubbing up against him right after his little hiss spat with the tigress.  Yes, her tail is bent really odd there.

Very near to our lovely tigers is a young Russian Grizzly bear.  He spent most of his time sleeping while we were there, but finally woke up and appeared disappointed when everyone left him to watch the tigers have their little “battle”.  We did see him start to play in his little pool, but mostly he was trying to get the gummy bear some child had thrown just out of his reach toward his cage.  My, but that bear has a very long, and skinny tongue, and he ALMOST got that candy.  Mostly though, he just wanted to sleep during the heat of the day.

And I shall leave you with two more photos.  See, this zoo doesn’t have a lot in the way of signs as of yet.  Some of the animals I knew what they were, others, not so much.  Here’s two photos for you to identify for me.  I just couldn’t resist the eyes in the first pair.  When we first passed them, one was up at the top of their little tree, while the other was half way up, seeming to lay back almost human like while staring down at us.  Eventually they dropped to the bottom where I got the picture of the two of them together.  The second looks like some sort of fox.  So very cute though!

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