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I admit it. Yes, I’m a junkie.

Truly, I am.  I’m a Research Junkie.  From the time I was a kid, I poured over encyclopedias to learn about the most inane topics.  I remember sometimes how disappointed I was when they didn’t cover a specific issue.  But in the long run, I still got my fix, because one topic always leads to another topic, which leads to another.

I swear, if anyone happened to look at my computer and try to figure out what is happening in my life, they’d be really confused. I mean, looking up things from silver cuff links all the way to the oval office. Then there’s the how to hang glide, and of course the really cool stuff I’m grabbing up to add to Authors After Dark’s Goody basket.  I swear, I keep waiting to hear a knock on the door, and on the other side be a man dressed in a suit with dark sunglasses, and no I Do NOT mean the LDS missionaries. You see, I’m a research addict.  Once I start learning about something, I have a hard time stopping, and of late, I’ve had plenty of topics to research.

Some of the research is for my anniversary.  See, it’s our 25th!  Wow, how did that happen?  Seriously?  Ok, it hasn’t happened yet, I’m just thinking ahead, but only by a couple of months.  It seems weird that 25 years ago we were planning our tiny little wedding with almost no notice.  I even managed to get my wedding dress ordered and fitted in less than a month DESPITE what Say Yes to the Dress has to say about that.  I guess times have truly changed, eh?  I’d show you a picture, but that was back before digital, and I’m afraid the photos were overexposed, so there are none.  Yes, I’m telling the truth!  I have a few photos hanging around where you can see my gown, and my husband’s teeth.   That’s one heck of a gleaming smile on that man.

I’m really bad at gifts so I’m trying to find hubby a great 25th anniversary gift.  I’m of course open to suggestions here.

The remainder of my time is spent delving into the shadows of the internet, searching for inane clues to what will later turn into interesting tidbits in my book.  You know the one, the book that’s twisting and turning in my head, shaping itself into this intense, really exciting story.

The story I’m working on is the new “Where did that come from?” story.  It takes place about 30 years in the future.  At a time where the world has been taken over by one faction.  And unknown to the people, that faction is the world of demons.  Only they aren’t quite the good kind.  Imagine fighting a battle 30 years in the future you think is going up against the average human, only to find out they are really demons!  Talk about terrifying!

I asked my husband to help me out with one of the scenes this last week.  We were on our way to see a movie, and we spent the trip, and the previews at the theater, trying to plan out the final battle.  Might I add that when I laid it out for him, his first response was “Suicide mission much?” So there’s the little tidbit about what I’m currently working on. Hope it makes your mouth water or is that your eyes tear up?  Oh I don’t know, but hope it makes you want to read, anyway.

So if you see me asking strange questions on twitter, or popping up with the most UNUSUAL trivia, it’s all cuz of the research.  I’m sure one day they’ll come up with a support group for us research junkies.  Until then, it’s time to go get my fix!

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You Thought I forgot all about the Celebration, didn’t you?

NEVER! I would never forget a celebration! It might get delayed, but not forgotten!



So who is the winner from the Alabama National Championship?





Our Winner is,,,,



Now if I could just figure out how to find her email address in the new contest software!  LOL.


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One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Ok, so you’ve probably heard the phrase, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m here to tell you that also works in reverse.

When I was a kid living in Germany, they had what they called “junk day”, where you could sit out anything in your house that you didn’t want anymore, usually furniture or electronics, and then neighbors and others would wander the streets and chose what they wanted from that “junk”. My mom acquired a sewing machine, a daybed, and many other nice little gadgets that their original families thought weren’t exciting or important any longer. They were “junk”. The daybed stayed in our home for a few years until we moved back to the states. I’m not sure what happened to the sewing machine, but alot of that stuff still floated around the house for many years.

I often wish we had Junk Days here, so I could put some of the junk in my garage out without having to throw it away – because it’s good, I just don’t have time to sit out and run a garage sale. And even if I did, what would it be worth?

Often I find it offensive when people say romance is “Trashy”. Really? I don’t think so. But you know what,I do sometimes think other books are “trash” for me. For instance, I completely despise tragedies. Why? Because to me, they don’t celebrate life. They don’t celebrate love. Their only moral tends to be “Love hurts, watch them die!”, So you know what that means, right? It means I dislike 90% of all “Classics”. Romeo and Juliet? Now that just didn’t do it for me. I remember when I read it, I had no idea it was a tragedy (Ok, I was a kid and clueless). I hated it. Couldn’t stand the way they tried everything to be together and then died. Sure, it was an original for it’s time, and it had some great writing, but it’s not something I would read without it being required to graduate a course.

But then, I do enjoy thrillers and romances, yet people consider romances to be “trash”. Really? The writing is as good or better than alot of other books out there. So does happily ever after equal trash? There’s people who say it’s because it has sex in it. But wait, some of the best books out there that are NOT romance, have sex in them. So what makes romance “Trash” when the others with the same “elements” are not? Since when is celebrating life and love considered trash? It’s not. Like I said, one woman’s treasure is another woman’s trash. Or is that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure? Yep. I think that’s more it. Because what others say is trash is nothing more than a treasure celebrating love and life! If that’s trash, give me more. Let me dirty up my home with this ugly celebration of life. :) Wait……. Celebration of life and love. Now there’s a gem I’ll save if not in paper, in my heart, forever.

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Piggy Backing on Roni Loren’s Blog.

So recently Roni Loren wrote a blog about authors and their interactions with readers, and it reminded me of something that is quickly becoming my pet peeve.  It’s not so much about authors/readers, but authors/authors.

All authors have to market themselves, or nobody finds their books.  That’s the one big disadvantage of the new models used for being an author.  You write the book, You query the book, you then have someone edit the book, and then they print/publish it, and you market.  And market and market.  Otherwise nobody finds it.  It’s the joys of the internet.  It’s the pain of being an author.  No job is without it’s drawbacks, and so I guess this is the big one for the authors.  With the inception of social media, we all thought “Great, marketing is going to be easy!”  Well, it is.  And it isn’t.  There’s no way to tell if a marketing push is more effective than the last, because of the nature of social media.  But we all have our facebook, twitter, google plus and other sites.  Some of us still have the old Myspace, which was great for marketing, and less on the social aspect. 

When I started marketing, myspace was the big thing.  I spent hours and hours making the perfect profile.  I rushed to other author’s sites, and friended them, leaving comments on their profile, wishing them the best with their new releases.  These comments had a two-fold purpose.  They advertised that people knew who they were, thus their visitors enjoyed the comfort of knowing they were a good author, and at the same time, let their visitors know I existed as well. The more flashy and attractive the posting, the more visitors the post drew.  I loved it! 

Then facebook arrived on the scene.  I went kicking and screaming. I hated the interface. I couldn’t personalize it, but I could see what I wanted with ease, so it had it’s benefits.  Within a few months I had 500 friends.  It was great.  I’d spent alot of time perusing facebook, finding other authors who wrote paranormal, both NY and ebook authors, and friended them.  I even friended a few of their friends.  I was happy!

Then they came out with this limit of 5000 friends.  I didn’t expect I’d get there too fast, but figured it would be best to think ahead, so I made a fan page.  I then notified all my friends about the fan page.  That’s when I noticed something.  My friends list was ever growing, while my fan page went stagnant.  Such a  shame – because for me, the fan page is the perfect place for author/reader interaction.  But then I’m not quite sure how to get it started. 

My friends list continued to grow, quickly getting out of control.  I now have over 4000 friends and only about 1000 fans.  Now that wouldn’t bother me, except when I look at that extra 3000 people on the friends list, most of them are authors.  Ok, so I’m helping other authors, that’s kewl.  But wait… those other authors write autobiographies.  They write poetry.  They write non-fiction.    They are authors who I have nothing in common with.  Uhm, I don’t know about what you think, but do you really think those type of readers are rushing to be my friend on facebook?  Hmm, probably not.  Sure, maybe 1 in 500 of my friends might pick up a book on poetry. Maybe one in 500 might pick up an autobiography that has nothing to do with their own lives.   Who knows.  But I really have nothing to offer this group of friends who are on my lists.

People who work as architects don’t around making friends with heavy equipment operators to further their career.  I’m not liking my book to a heavy equipment operator, but at the same time you see my point. 

So my pet peeve is all about people who friend me on facebook when they think the only reason is cuz I can do something for them.  It’s not because they write the same genre.  It’s not because they read my work.  It’s not because they are true family and friends.  It’s because they think that having more friends linked to their site makes them look more important.

I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case.  It does nothing for you, and only gives you LESS room for the real friends, family and fans.

So my new year’s resolution is to slowly review all of my facebook friends, and if I unfriend you, don’t take it personally.  It’s not because I think people won’t like your work.  It’s because, well, I can’t do anything for your career.  If that’s your only reason for following me/friending me, and you’re not one of the genre’s that runs alongside mine, you’ll have to find someone else.  I love ya, I think you’re great.  But you need to find someone who can truly help you.   I’m going to have to save my 5000 slots for my true friends/relatives/fans. 

For all you romance authors, paranormal and horror authors, sci fi authors, and even non fiction paranormal and sci fi authors, there’s always a place for you at my site.  Because of course I LOVE You guys!  (not that I don’t love the poets and non fiction folks, just that it’s a different kind of love).  And of course, there’s ALWAYS room for my fans and friends to be,,, well,,,, friends.  :sideways:   :silly:

I”m doing this for my friends, family and readers.  By doing this there’s more room for them over on my facebook page to harrass me about whatever game I’m playing at the time.  But if what you want is to find out what’s up in the writing world, , the BEST place to see that is on my fan page, so head on over and “like” me there:  Fan Page.  It’s the place I TRY to make most of my announcements on first about what’s going on (Sometimes my blog gets things first, but the next spot is my fan page.)

And as for the Prince over in Eastern Europe, I guess I’ll keep you too, cuz it’s just too kewl to have a Prince for a friend.

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Your chance to win cuz of the BCS Championship!

Well I don’t know about you guys But I LOVED watching the BCS championship! How awesome was that game? Ok,if you are an LSU fan, maybe not so much, but hey, can’t have everything. Sorry to see you guys get that far before losing, but if somebody had to beat ya, I’m SO glad it’s ALABAMA. I was so excited I downloaded a kewl “skin” for my browser, and now I see Alabama everywhere I turn. LOL. In honor of the championship, there’s a chance for you to win too! Just follow the instructions below and tell me all about what you thougth about the game. I’m Just in the mood to celebrate and that means you have a chance to win! So take a peek, and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!! *Popping the champagne open*.

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Today’s the big day!  Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I’m all about college football.  And anyone who watches college football knows today is THE big day!  I’m an Alabama fan from way back – since I was like 12 and didn’t even understand football.  I remember “THE COACH” and if you don’t know who THE COACH is, you obviously haven’t been following Alabama Football.  I remember coming back from an overseas assignment in Germany and seeing “The Coach” announce his retirement.  I was in a beautician’s chair and I grabbed my glasses (you know, I really AM Blind) so I could see.  I tsk’d tsk’d, and shook my head while everyone else stared in shock.  When the news moved on to something else, I said “He’s sick.”

Five pairs of eyes turned to look at me in surprise.  They’d seen his decline slowly, but in the two years I’d been out of the country, The Coach had gone downhill.  Sure enough, shortly after he retired, he passed away.  Coach Bryant, you are always remembered and shall always be missed.  I find it touching to see his cap now become a part of the fan wear in the last several years.

But here we are again, another national championship on the line!  A new team, a different coach (though this isn’t the only national championship since Coach died, but I just had to share that little story).  It’s a rematch.  A rematch of a game that was a close one, that went into overtime.  A game where Alabama was scared.  LSU was their biggest and most difficult game of the year.  And they did it.  Okay, they didn’t win, but they held their own. 

And so today ~ Drum roll please ~ Is the day Alabama takes their place as National Champions.  So ready yourself by the tv (I have to work my dayjob, so I hope alot of folks are watching and not calling my job), So Roll Tide Roll!

And not many teams have fans write and perform songs for them, but you have to hear this. :D

ROLL TIDE ROLL!! written by Mike curtis performed by Tim Rushlow

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Here’s to your dreams of 2012!

It’s a new year, and I”m already behind.  But not as far behind as I have been. :)  So everyone go get that champagne and let’s have ANOTHER toast to the year 2012!  For me today I wish you all a 2012 that will top every year you’ve had to date.  I hope you win every prize, get every promotion, get every publishing contract you try for!  Ok, so it’s not realistic, but I still want you to have all your dreams for 2012!  What is my dream for 2012?  For me, I want a few more days in my week.  NO, really!  I don’t need more hours in my day to get everything done!  I need more days in my week.  There’s just not enough days in my week.  Five days for work, 2 days to recover, and only 7 days to squeeze writing into.  Yes, my dream for the year is a at least TWO extra days.  Two days I can sit and write and get lost into the world of my fantasies.  Fantasies where a hero (who always seems to look alot like my husband in my head) whisks the heroine off her feet (who seems to look alot like me in my head).  He does it with strength and prowess.  A powerful man in both body and mind who can make things happen. (Yes, in real life he can do alot of that, though he has yet to to turn into a wolf). 

But wait!  my current WIP isn’t a shifter book.  Well, not an animal shifter book, anyway.  What’s happened?  And it’s in first person.  Now that’s even stranger.  I had a dream back in September, and it was so clear, I had to write it.  I jotted down just the beginning, and when I went back, I thought it was someone else’s work.  After all, I NEVER write in first person.  I scanned the words which captured my attention, enthralled!  And then it ended.  500 words, was all I’d written.  500 words that after three months filed and forgotten, could still drag me right back into the dream world.  So of course I had to do some plotting in my head, some world building and some really scary events!  Will this book ever make it into publishing?  Who knows.  But it’s obvious to me that my characters are demanding their place in my mind.  They are demanding their place in time.  A future time where the world has been set on it’s ear with a new political stance.  A world run by one government.  But who are they?  What are they?  And what can my dear, sweet Jane do to turn the time back, or is that even possible? 

So while I won’t get that two days per week I’d like, I think instead I’ll let Jane awaken, and take her place in the world.  Let her fight her battles on her own, let her protect her man, as he protects her.  But don’t worry, it’s still paranormal, and though it may be first person, there are still plans for some sweet, hot and sweaty romance. 

But don’t worry, I’m still going to work on the shifters.  In fact, I”m thinking that maybe next friday I can run over to the zoo and visit Spartacus and the ladies to see how they are getting on. 

So tell, me, what are YOUR dreams for 2012?

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