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You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – Part 1

So I’ve been doing these little “series” posts recently, mostly because I find it hard to come up with blog topics.  I have a boring life, you know.  I work, I write, I eat and I sleep.  At least, that’s what it feels like. LOL

The other day I came downstairs and hubby was watching the first “The Hulk” movie on tv.  I caught the last 5 minutes, which of course ends with the line:  “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”  I laugh when I hear that, because I used to say that alot in my first few years in the military.  And it’s true.  You really wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.  But the thing is, it takes an awful lot to make me angry.  When I think back over my life to date, there’s only one thing that you can do that’s a sure fire way to make me angry.  I can think of several instances where this one situation has made me angry, at all levels, from casually irritated to almost violently furious.  Might I add, this same thing can happen today, but the only people who get me to the violent furious part would be someone I don’t respect.  I’m basically a nice person, and the more I respect you, the more I can tolerate.  But before you read this and run tearing off into the darkness, as far away from me as you can, remember that those who did this all deserved what they got.  Well, except one.

So what is it that makes me so angry?

Disturbing my sleep!

You got it.  If you ever want to see me angry, just wake me up when I’m not expecting it.  I come by this problem naturally.  You see, I’m a night person.  My brothers are also night people, though I think they’ve adapted to days even better than I.  My grandfather was such a night person he was put out of the Navy after only 17 days, because he couldn’t sleep during the night and was falling apart due to lack of rest. When the internet first came along, my husband would hear me on the keyboard, tap tap tapping away, and he’d come in, and find me in full chat with both of my brothers.  After all, who else would be awake at 2 am?  I managed 20 years in the US Air Force without seriously damaging anyone for awakening me mostly by volunteering for night shift.  The only problem with that was it left a lot of room for non military, or people in the dorms to get themselves in trouble with me.

I’ve always been a heavy sleeper.  Back in the day, my Dad would wake me up for school a full hour before I had to leave.  I’d get out of bed, walk to the heater (especially in the winter), take my nightgown and then hunch into it, and let the heat warm me up, and I’d go back to sleep.  See, if I slept in the bed, I’d never get up.  At least this way I was just napping.  :D  I remember once seeing an old Dagwood comic where he wakes up to the sound of his alarm, and slams his fist into it, then goes back to sleep.  Blondie says “But it’s Saturday.”  He says “Yes, but I always wanted to be able to do that just once.”  LOL  That’s me.  When I first went into the military I used to sleep thru my alarms, so I got one of those baby bens.  I think I actually once threw it across the room.  Everyone who knows me knows – don’t talk to Teresa before 10 am.  Just don’t do it!  It’s not worth what I’ll say.  See, I have no control when I’m tired.  What comes out of my mouth is totally uncensored, and therefore, can be very dangerous.  Imagine taking the most sweet, and politically correct person you know (that would be me) and removing all political correctness.  Remove all restraints upon her anger.  (Wait, I think I’m describing a shifter!)  And then interrupt her sleep!  YIKES!  It’s a full blown SheWolf without the wolf!

Since we authors delve into our own selves to create emotions within our books, I thought I’d share a few stories with you this week, from the mildest to the most “aggressive” fury.  All caused by disturbing of someone’s sleep (One wasn’t even about me).  Sit back, and learn the first REAL “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. LOL (Maybe next week we’ll concentrate on what makes me happy, though those stories aren’t as much fun to share.)

So Story number 1 goes back to the days of before I was married.  I was stationed in Alabama, and lived in a mobile home (My own mobile home that I’d bought with my very own money long before I was technically ready).  The park I was in wasn’t all that nice, but it was some distance from town and rather small, so I figured it would be better than one of the “tightly squeezed” parks of the town of Montgomery.  The only problem was, none of my neighbors had a phone.  To this day I shake my head.  How can you live 15 miles from town and not have a telephone?  But they didn’t. And you know what that means.   Knock Knock Knocking on Teresa’s door! I worked shift work, and that week was working Midnight to 8 am.  And every day for three days straight, someone had awakened me to borrow the phone.  I was so frustrated and tired of being nice,   I posted this big huge note on my door:  Knock at your own risk.  Sleeping.

People who disturb others’ sleep on purpose, to me they are the most rude and obnoxious people around.  Everyone in the park knew I worked nights, and I slept in the day. My best friend was the only person really allowed to wake me, because I knew she wouldn’t knock unless it was an emergency.  SHE had some consideration for those of us who sleep in the day.

At the time, I had been out on a date with this one guy a few times. I don’t even remember his name, or who it was who introduced me, but we’d gone out to dinner one day and a movie the other.  We had never even so much as held hands, meaning I wasn’t sure what I thought of him yet.

So my little note is on the door, and I crawl into bed about 9 am.  I am exhausted, and fall right to sleep.  About noon I hear someone at the door.  I peek out the bedroom window.  OMG, it’s the guy I went out on a few dates with.  WTH?  Ok, fine.  I lay back down, intending to fully ignore him.  Then he made a fatal mistake.  He proved he knew I was asleep by coming to my window and knocking there.  WHAT?  You dare disturb my sleep ON PURPOSE?  I was ready to explode.  I rolled out of bed, and stomped to the front door, which by that time he’d managed to find himself at my front steps.  I took a deep calming breath and yanked the door open and gave him my most sleep deprived glare (Which I hear can be very intimidating).

“What?” I demanded.

“I thought I’d come by and say hi.”

Now I have a great sense of humor at these moments, only I’m the only one who gets it, and well, since I’m tired, I never smile.  So my internal response was: “Right.  You really thought you’d come disturb my sleep, thinking I’d either snuggle up with you and doze off, or you’d find your way into my bed.  NOT happening dude. “  I try to keep such thoughts to myself, so as not to be a total ass and for once was successful.

“I”m sleeping,” I growled  The shock on his face was barely visible before I slammed the door, him still on the outside of it.  Proud of myself for not saying what I really thought, I crawled back into bed, never to see his rather quirky face again.  I guess I can thank him for that day. I don’t like to waste my time on people.  Especially people who don’t respect my sleep.  He showed me just how inconsiderate he was to wake me at my 2 am in the morning.  I don’t knock on your door then, why do you knock on mine?  The funny thing is, I remember the incident, but not the guy’s name.  It’s okay though – He’s not missed.

Alas, this is one of the more calm events I’ve had due to sleep interruption.  Yes, I warn everyone who I know – Don’t wake me up when I least expect it unless there’s a damned good reason!

I can see you folks now.  The ones who’ve met me but never seen me at my worst.  “No way!  You’re always nice!”  I am.  Really!  I’m the most politically correct person you’ll ever meet!  I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings to the detriment sometimes of my own happiness.  And when I do, inadvertently do something stupid, I feel terrible sometimes for years (or life).  When I was at National conference last year, one of my roommates called me the “Pillow Princess.”  LOL  I love to curl up in my pillows and just let go.  Now-a-days I have an excuse for it – I have a health issue that requires alot of rest.  But back in the day of Mr wake me up for fun I was just being my normal, every day self. LOL.

So what is it that’s your big weakness?  What makes you think “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry?”

And stay tuned for our next installment.  What did my HUSBAND think about this issue when we married?



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#Zart Patrol Report

TSgt D’Amario reporting as ordered, back from my terrifying first experience on Zart patrol!  Zart, for all you who are unaware, stands for Zombie Attack Response Team.  There’s a Zombie movement afoot, and they’re all heading to New Orleans just in time for the Authors After Dark conference!  We can’t allow that.  Zombies in the Big Easy? No, we’d be overcome! We have  to stop them!

It was a chilly night, and at first very quiet.  I walked the streets, my weapons in hand. I’d geared up with lots of sharp and pointy objects as well as hubby’s 1913 Czechoslovakian rifle.  It was time to dust that baby off and let it see some real action again!  I took my neighbor, Stephanie, along with me.  She came armed with her own pack of sharp, pointy things.  Four of which were attached to the biggest dog I ever saw!  Ok, I’ve seen bigger, but a Great Dane is pretty danged impressive in the darkness.  We walked and chatted, enjoying the chilly night, when out of the darkness comes an eerie moan. Joe Bob, the dog, growled low and menacing. I glanced at Stephanie and nodded.  One thing I knew, if Joe Bob was growling, it was  a real zombie.

We slipped between the houses, happy that this was one of the few without a privacy fence, and peeked into our neighbor’s backyard.  There it was.  He was tall, with the build of a god, his beautiful hair blew in the breeze.  But that’s where the beauty ended!  What once had been a promising Romance Cover Model had turned into a horrific and terrifying creature.  His yellow eyes glowed in the darkness, and as he drew closer to the street light, we could see the disgusting vision of blood dripping from his forehead, and his arm fell off.  And he was headed right for us!

Well we didn’t want Joe Bob to become zombified, so we ordered him to stay back, and Stephanie and I pulled out our blades.  I’d swiped a Japanese Katana because the curve of the blade was comfortable in my hand.  Stephanie opted for the Shokra.  I guess she was afraid to get too close.  Those suckers are pretty nice though, you can throw them, and they work like a boomerang, after first slicing through anything in their path.  The creature stumbled toward us, drawn, I’m sure by the warm blood running in our veins.  Thing is, I intended to keep it nice and warm.  I charged, swinging my sword!  Off went his one remaining arm.  I was sure that would make this an easy fight, but I was wrong.  He charged, undeterred, throwing his weight against me.  I stumbled backward, unable to get a good swing with my kantra.  I let it go, it landed on the ground with a thump followed by my own body.  Before I could roll, the monster crashed down on me, knocking the breath out of me.  I shoved one hand upward, trying to keep those disgusting teeth away from me.  My other I snatched the knife out of his brain.  It came out with a disgusting squish, but I shoved it in again.  If you’ve never stabbed someone, let me tell ya, it’s not a fun thing, but I slammed it with all my might.

Rancid blood dripped on me, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  My Chem suit from my military days was holding up well. My relief didn’t last long, however, as teeth snapped at me.  He was strong for a dead guy, and I just knew I was about to lose my life when suddenly a chockra spun out of no where, slicing off his head!  Blood went everywhere, but I jumped up and only a little landed on me.  I dug in my pockets, ignoring the building panic.  Zombie Blood.  OMG, I had zombie blood on me!  I Had to get it off!  I finally grasped the wet ones I’d tucked into a pocket for just such an emergency.  I tore the package open with trembling fingers as Stephanie gathered up our weapons.  Miss calm, cool and collected didn’t let anything bother her!

I scrubbed my hands and face, knowing if I didn’t get the nasty stuff off me, I’d be a walking zombie myself.

“That,” she said, brandishing her Chokra,” is why I carry one of these.”

“Ha ha, very funny.  I guess next we have to clean this mess up.”

Stephanie smirked at me, and poured the gasoline over the body and dropped a match.  The flames erupted, engulfing the body in mere seconds.  We waited until he was nothing more than a charred mess.

“One down, more to go,” said Stephanie.  ”Next time, use that damned gun, it’s what it’s there for!”

So that’s my report ladies and gents.  For a full Zombie Apocalypse Response Team roster visit

For more information on today’s ZART contest, visit

We’ll be waiting!



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I’m Guestblogging today, and #ZART stuff

For What it’s worth I’m guestblogging over at, and telling a few secrets about Lone Wolf! Come drop by and say hi!  And keep your eyes peeled, I’m headed out tonight for a #ZART assignment.  I’m going to be hunting down some of those Zombies that hide in the dark of the night!  And let me share this beautiful cover with you guys again.  Cuz I just can’t help myself.   :angel:

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Release Date for Lone Wolf – Maxey Wizards, Book 2, 27 March 2012!


Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s the re-release date for Lone Wolf!  For those who didn’t get to catch it the few months it was available, Lone Wolf is coming back!  With one added scene and a bit more editing, Lone Wolf will be available for you to read on 27 March!  That’s right!  So send out the word!  Whisper it to your best friends – Lone Wolf is coming before the Zombie Apocalypse!  Hurry and get your copy before the Zombies eat your e-readers!!  Lone Wolf will be available on Kindle, PDF, and B&N sites and more at smashwords, so get ready!  And to celebrate this amazing event, we’re going to have a few prizes given out, but first, let me introduce you to this WONDERFUL cover *gives the Vanna White motion*.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Now there’s a handsome and sexy couple, but don’t forget there’s some handsome and sexy werewolves in this – and on top of that, there’s more of the Maxey Wizard hunks, uh, I mean brothers.

Isn’t this exciting???  And Damon, he holds his own against the powerful Maxey Wizard brothers, even to the point of standing between them and their sister!  How kewl is that?

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Best of Romance Writers of the 20th Century ~ Nora Roberts

Of course you can’t talk about the great authors of the 20th century without talking about Nora Roberts.  Nora has been a mainstay in the romance genre for so long she’s like a staple.  Now I will be honest, I’m not a humongous Nora Roberts fan.  That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan.  Of course I read her books.  I don’t read everything she puts out, but I do read her books. To me, they are that quick read I grab when I know I’m going to have about 2-3 hrs available and need to “refresh” my brain.  (Yes, I read exceptionally fast).  I can always count on Nora’s books to relax my mind and give me that 3 hour “vacation” I might need so desperately.  While I Don’t consider her books to be the most emotional, they are good for bringing a tear to my eye, and to let the hero and heroine step into their new worlds and overcome together.  They are a celebration of what I was looking for back when I took that Love In Literature class.  A celebration of love and life, and what you can do together, as a couple.  I especially like her trilogies, where we can visit the same “world” in more than one book.

I don’t have any special stories about how I found Nora, she just “is”.  I can’t remember my first “Nora” book. I Can’t choose a favorite.  Nora is such a part of life as a romance reader and author, she just “exists” the same way bread and water exist.  The same way my morning bowl of cereal exists.  She just is.  There aren’t too many strangers in my life that I feel that way about.  She’s a force of nature, changing the romance genre to fit her image and paving the way for hundreds and thousands of other authors.  In fact, I actually chose a pen name because of Nora.  My last name is too close to Roberts.  I was afraid nobody would ever read my books if they ever made it to a book store, because they’d either ignore me because I wasn’t Nora, or they’d ignore me because they’d skip the R’s. LOL.

So I know you have read a Nora book.  Which is your favorite? Or are you like me, and unable to chose a favorite?

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