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Today is a very special day

You know, I noticed recently I’ve been posting alot of “not exactly happy” posts.  It probably looks like I’m all depressed or something.  But really I’m not.  Actually I’ve just been ruminating over different things in life, and it brings up “Hmm that was kind of interesting”, but it sure looks like I’m not happy.  But today…. Today is very special.  You see, today is my 25th anniversary!  It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago I walked down the aisle to that handsome man at the other end of the Church.  I’d share a photo with you, but our wedding photos didn’t turn out very well.  Ok, let’s be honest.  They didn’t turn out at all.  For those of you who’ve always had digital cameras, there used to be this stuff called film.  And the film turned out to be defective and split down the middle during processing, meaning we have no pictures from our wedding.  I do have video, but we’ve never added it to cd, so I can’t share that either.  Alas, it was a beautiful, albeit small, wedding.

You see, we met in the Air Force, at a school.  We had to marry fast, or we’d have ended up assigned on opposite sides of the world.  So we married about 4 months after we met.  But we didn’t rush.  You see, the instant I laid eyes on him I knew he was the man for me.  We’ve stuck together through thick and thin, and he’s one of my biggest supporters in the writing side of the house.  We’ve lived in Nebraska, Germany and North Carolina since we married, and trust me, those are some pretty trying locations.  Okay, NC isn’t so bad, but Nebraska – he loved it, I hated it. LOL.  We’ve been through a war together (the 1st Persian Gulf war), we’ve been through deployments to places that are boring, and places that are exciting. I still say I got the best of that – since I got to go to Egypt, but hey, life is what we make it, right?

We are both older, both a little heavier, and both a little slower, but we’re still perfect for each other.  I’m pretty darned sure nobody else would put up with me.  :satansmoking:   We aren’t celebrating big today, because I have to work, but I’m making him his favorite dinner (Lasagna with garlic bread), and then we’re going to celebrate by visiting with a cousin for her wedding and do the real “sight seeing thing” later in the week.  Something we’ve not done at that particular place.  It should be very fun!

I told hubby the other day I didn’t think we’d both still be alive when we hit 25 years.  Now to see if we’ll be alive when we reach 25 more!

For those who look at their spouse and wonder how we did it, it’s easy.  Ok, it’s not easy.  But we understand that.  We remember that there’s a commitment there, and we respect that commitment in multiple ways.  But it also helps to love each other.  Really love and respect one another.  I could never be married to a man who #1, I didn’t respect, #2, didn’t make me laugh, and #3, didn’t love me.  3 ingredients make a relationship!  I respect him above all others, nobody makes me laugh half as much as he does, and I love him so much I’m sure I couldn’t be without him.

So, my darling husband, I love you!  Let’s go for another 25!

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