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Canine Behavior – Let’s have some fun!

Ok, so I’ve been a very bad girl, and I apologize.  I haven’t blogged for a month – and I”m not sure how that happened.  I think of things to blog about.  I do!  But the next thing I know it’s a week later and it still hasn’t been written.  Well phooey.  It’s probably because I lead such a dull life it’s hard to get excited over basic  blogs about my life and living.  But last nite I realized there’s something in my writing that everyone has commented about, so maybe I should talk about that – Canine behavior!  So I’m staring a little series about canine behavior, how I learned it, examples, and other fun stuff.  Alot of the scenarios I show here have been rewritten into more aggressive and exciting paranormal shifter scenes, so that should be fun for my regular readers.  Others like today’s, is just a simple observation of canine behavior which flies in the face of the supposed “Science” of canine behavior, and makes me laugh.

See, scientists believe that canines are pure creatures of instinct.  They don’t love.  They don’t enjoy life so much as they live it.  They exist only to continue their species.  I’m here to tell you – they are wrong.  Today’s little story will show you that.  Feel free to tell me if this behavior is a conditioned behavior (ie., we taught the dog to do it thru repetition and praise or positive response), an instinctive behavior (ie, the continuation of their species behavior) or something else – like an active feeling and intelligent brain.

So, last nite I was lying in bed next to my youngest dog (young is a matter of perspective here, as this dog is 9 years old.  He’s just younger than the almost 15 yr old). He’s snuggling with me, but is too far for me to do the ultimate sin, which is plant a kiss on the bridge of his nose (muzzle for you canine gurus).  So, I did what any good dog lover would do, I pretended to kiss him, loudly smacking my blown kiss so he’d notice it.  I did it three times.

He blew a kiss back.

No, really, he did.  His little tongue poked out and he gave an imaginary kiss!  How long he’s been doing this is beyond me, cuz I’m sure I’ve always took it to be coincidental, he licked his lips.  But no, I did this three more times.  He did it again.  I went downstairs and showed hubby, and every time I blew a noisy kiss, I got the same response.  A sweet, delicate, imaginary kiss from Ace.

I don’t what you think, but I can honestly say I have NEVER praised him for this behavior until last nite.  By the 100% response he gives, I seriously doubt it’s something he just started last nite.  His smile is not even 100% and I’ve been working on that for years with no change.  He still only smiles upon greeting, though because I like it, he tends to do that more, but I can’t initiate it like I do the blown kisses.

So what do you think? Conditioning?  Instinct?  Or Cognitive function here?

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5 Responses to “Canine Behavior – Let’s have some fun!”

  • Beth Caudill says:

    My husband knows I hate having my nose licked. So, of course, he taught the dog to lick my nose.

    He gets cuddle hugs and I get nose licks as greetings. And of course, my kids think it’s great and want nose licks too. This is what happens when you leave the Alpha male in charge for a few hours.

    You can call it conditioning, but we are all conditioned to like things. You give hugs because you like it and your mom always hugged you. I know our dog loves us because she constantly wants to be touched by us. So much so that she lies at my feet – while I write and at bedtime.

  • Dogs are such amazing animals..We no longer have one as he’s passed on but we miss him dearly..

  • teresa

    LOL Beth, that’s funny. My husband used to hunt, years ago, and I used to compete in obedience. In obedience there’s a command “FRONT”. The dog comes and sits in front of you looking into your eyes as if you are the goddess of the world. Okay, the goddess part might be a bit farfetched. :D Anyway, I was having all kinds of problems with both of my dogs with this. I was beginning to think I was a lousy teacher. Then, just to spend time with hubby I went hunting with him (Me minus the gun, though). It was a beautiful trip, out into the wilds of Nebraska where people fear to tread. When we went out with the gun so hubby could show me the hunting part, he yells “FRONT!” Both dogs charge out in front of him and start to hunt! What??? So we’ve been using the same word to mean OPPOSITE THINGS? OF course his would carry the heaviest weight! He was telling the dogs to do something they loved. I was just telling them things like “Clean your room” does for a kid. No wonder I was losing! :lol: :oogle: :w00t:

    And Savannah, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. They are definitely hard to live without!

  • Colleen says:

    My sister tells her dog to give kisses and the dog will go up to you and start licking your mouth… it was a game she started playing with her because she likes to sit on your shoulders when you are seated on the couch… that dog will go after whomever my sister tells her to…

  • LOL that’s so cute Colleen! Yep, Canines in general are alot more than what people who haven’t lived with them think. I once read a book that said “Wolves have no emotions”. Well, there’s alot of proof that they do. :D

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