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Authors After Dark Preparation

Yes, I’m still alive!  I promise! and very excited about the forthcoming Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans.  First, I’ve never made it to this conference and as I can only make one  a  year, I’m really looking forward to the excitement, and meeting all the readers and other authors out there!  I’ll be easy to spot!  I’m going to be the short chubby lady dressed as a shapeshifter!  I’m sure you’ll recognize me the moment you see me.  After all, whoever saw a shapeshifter who wears glasses?  But I’m a “Special” kind of shifter, so figured I’d go for it anyway. :D

Seconds, I’m giving away a goody basket.  Okay, really it’s a goody bag – with the baskets being given away so close to everyone’s departure flights, I decided to be nice to my winner by instead making it a bag!  A special bag made just for the person who wins!  It’s from premier bag makers, with lots of pockets and will be great to take to book club meetings, right along with your own e-reader (Kindle touch). In fact, the only detractor from giving out a bag, is nobody can see what’s inside, so here’s a photo of all the goodies (minus some of the chocolates).


Isn’t the Lion cute??? He’s filled with candy, btw.  The red pot you see in the back?  It’s a chocolate fondue warmer, and the packets of chocolate in front are what goes inside. :D   The tiger photo is from my local zoo, and proceeds went to support that very tiger.  She’s one of the new ones at the zoo, and is struggling to find her place with a lioness and another tiger, Spartacus, who is bigger and older than she.  They seem to be getting along well these days.

There’s lots of Romance Trading cards too, which I have collected over the last year or so.  I think you’ll enjoy them.  With them is a collector’s box to help you organize your RTC’s.  And it wouldn’t be a shifter’s basket without a shifter, right?  Included is a size XL t-shirt with your very own wolf!  She’s popping right out of ya!  It’s an awesome T-shirt.

And of course, with your kindle touch is a book light, and screen protector, all of my backlist, and 10 other etitles.  Sorry, there’s no case, but that’s because I believe that’s almost as personal as the books you put on it. :)  Mine is bright red.  What color do you want YOURS to be?  I bet once you get looking around, you’ll find the perfect one just for you.  Overall the “Basket” including the bag is worth over $330.  I hope the winner enjoys every bit of it!

New Orleans – HERE WE COME!!!


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One Response to “Authors After Dark Preparation”

  • Colleen says:

    Oh what a wonderful bunch of goodies! Someone is going to be one lucky person! Have fun!

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