Teresa D'Amario 

In the City Jungles, The Beast Has Won  


Hello Everyone.  It's so great to have you here.  From this portal you can enter the world of paranormal so shocking, so surprising, you won't be able to turn back.  Come learn about the shapeshifters who hide in plain sight.  Learn about the Wolves, the Tigers, and even the Lions.    And of course for every hunk of a hero, there's an equally evil presence hiding in the wings. 

Within every breed of creature lies a subspecies where evolution took an odd turn. In the darkness hides a world where animal and man are one.

Man and Beast.
Beast and Man.

Together, their hearts reign.

An unknown war has been fought in the city streets, and Man is no longer the strongest predator.

For in city jungles, The Beast has won.



I am ready. No regrets, No fears, no hesitation. Enjoying every minute. I'll give my all for USA. And smile every step of the way.
~ Apolo Anton Ohno





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