It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.

It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.


Now THIS is Sexy!!!

Take a listen to this:


If you are unable to hear the audio, feel free to check out the link at and listen to the teaser.

SHEWOLF3-432mineNow isn’t THAT sexy? Kieran and Anna come alive in this amazing audio book. I gotta tell you, people, if you’ve never tried an audio book, you are so missing out! Why listen to audio over reading? Well that’s difficult. I still read, but still listen. I love listening to them, especially when I would normally be bored with my hands and eyes too busy to read. For me, listening to audio books with an earphone in my ear is when I’m exercising, when I’m driving, or even just cleaning the kitchen. Getting bored is dangerous in all of those circumstances, so why make such tedious jobs boring? Grab that mp3 player (ipod, whatever….) and download SheWolf and bring your world and theirs to life!

Keep tabs on me here – I’ll be adding simple little excerpts of this wonderful story right here on this site so you can hear the very sexy sounding Thomas Miller bring Kieran and Anna to life!  Or, get your own copy.  As a new customer, your first three books are free, so you can have SheWolf for free if you join today!

For you authors who have thought about audio books, this has been an amazing journey. Hearing your words come to life with such an excellent reader is a high like you never experienced. If you’re interested in doing the same, just check out ACX.COM


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