It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.

It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.


Leopard’s Key



Freya’s Bower - Dreams & Desires

Barnes & Noble


 A part of the Dreams and Desires 4 by Freya’s Bower.Leopard’s Key alone is Available only at Freya’s Bower for $199   Or buy the entire volume.A silver key is the only clue to the disappearance of Kel, a leopard shifter. It’s a mystery Dmitri can only solve with the help of the jeweler who created it.When Hailey created the key she knew whom it was destined for, and the ‘knowing’ has never been wrong. But secrets are revealed when Dmitri visits her shop for her help. Secrets she cannot share. Yet when he takes her in his arms, her soul knows what her heart fears.And the answer lies within The Leopard’s Key.


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