It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.

It's Too Late to Turn Back Now.


Weird Science

VisionsThe Petiri welcome you …

To their life, to the magic of the desert. A people from another world, who have powers alien to ours.

Caught on a planet not their own, stranded and forced to hide who and what they are,  they survived midst the deserts for millions of years.

When the world of Gods meets the world of Man, will Man survive?
Or is death the only option for those who challenge ?

Yes, Welcome to the world of the Petiri.


First, let me welcome all of you to my site!  And welcome to all the great Scweirdsciencei Fi Brigadesters (is that a word?)

I think the Strange Science post for the Summer Cafe would be a great time to introduce myself, since Strange and Strange science both describe me and my work.  So please, step aboard the starship, because it’s time to take a ride.  Wait.  My sci fi isn’t quite like that, because it’s the “Weird Science” week!

And let me tell you – do I have some serious weird science for you!  Think Pink skies and blue grass.  (Just imagine the fun possibilities – and yes, there is science behind that).

So let me tell you just a little about the fun world I have created.  It all begins in Egypt.  I know, I’m supposed to talk about science fiction, but bear with me.  A lone ship crashes in the deserts thousands of years ago, trapped on backwards world, where slavery is common, and magic is only for gods.  A world where technology has yet to be a glimmer in the minds of men.  And yet, they survive.  Thriving in the shadows, hiding what they truly are.  In Visions of Fire & Ice, you not only learn about the blue grass and pink skies caused by a world’s atmosphere we can only begin to understand, we learn secrets of the ancient egyptians.  Of King Tut himself.

And the science? There are glimmers in this first book, of computer systems beyond our own, healing technology, and there’s much more to come.  Imagine sitting beside your best friend and chatting. But wait, isn’t your best friend half a world away. No, we don’t have star trek transporters, but we do get to learn of a great communication system that makes the person you speak to seem as real as if they are beside you. So real, you want to reach out and touch!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could power your own technology with your mind?  With what today would be magic? When a thought enables a computer’s processes? The wonderful part about the Petiri series is there are so mamy possibilities.

I always tell people the real reason I write the stories I do is that I watched too many Dark Shadows shows and too much Star Trek.  You’ll find hints of both in my work, both my shifters, and also in my Science Fiction/Parnormal cross over. So take a peek at my newest work, and see what do you think.  Strange Science Fiction?  Or just plain Strange?


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  1. I love the idea of mind-powered tech!

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